Elections tonight! What will you run for?

Article 5: Officers

Section 1: All officers will be responsible for knowing and understanding the information in the Student Organization Handbook and the Code of Student Conduct.

Section 2: All officers must be full-time undergraduate students at Northeastern University.

Section 3: All officers must be current members of the American Chemical Society.

Section 4: The officers of NUSAACS shall be President, Vice President of Departmental Affairs, Vice President of Campus Affairs and Vice President of Community Outreach, Secretary & Historian, and Treasurer.

Section 5: Officer Roles


  • The duties of the office of President include but are not limited to: public representation

of the NUSAACS organization at group and officer meetings as well as sponsored events. The President is responsible for the on time submission of the year-end report to the American Chemical Society. The President may delegate responsibility to the other officers as is needed.


Vice President of Departmental Affairs

  • The duties of the office of Vice President of Departmental Affairs include but are not limited to:

working in concert with the president to share the role of figurehead of the group. Additionally,

the Vice-President of Departmental Affairs keeps contact with Northeastern University’s

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology in regards to trips and events regarding the

members of NUSAACS.  The office of Vice President of Departmental Affairs is

required to be a Chemistry major because of the relationship of the position and the



Vice President of Campus Affairs

  • The duties of the office of Vice-President of Campus Affairs include but are not limited to:

working in concert with the president to share the role of figurehead of the group. Additionally,

the Vice-President of Campus Affairs will serve as a figure head and is responsible for all

events headed by NUSAACS and the College of Science such as the organization of

co-sponsored events and National Chemistry Week events.


Vice President of Community Outreach

  • The duties of the office of Vice President of Departmental Affairs include but are not limited to:

working in concert with the president to share the role of figurehead of the group. Additionally

the Vice- President of Community Outreach will serve as a figure head and is responsible for

involving NUSAACS members in community outreach projects in conjunction with the

Greater Boston Community.


Secretary & Historian

  • The duties of the office of Secretary & Historian include but are not limited to: keeping detailed minutes at all officer and group meetings, all communications to the current and prospective members of NUSAACS, weekly attendance, maintaining a detailed NUSAACS roster to be written in the year-end report, and documenting amendments in the NUSAACS constitution.  The Secretary & Historian is also responsible for maintaining all records pertaining to the organization including the photographic recording of all NUSAACS events.  



  • The Treasurer is responsible for handling the cash account through the Student Activities Business Office. The Treasurer must also attend all required workshops and meetings through the Student Activities Business Office. The Treasurer is also responsible for submitting requests for funding from the Finance Board for any events that NUSAACS wishes to hold. The Treasurer must communicate with the rest of the Executive Board if the NUSAACS account funds are running low and will also be responsible for any fund raisers that the group undertakes.


Section 6: The NUSAACS Executive Board shall consist of the six elected officers and the Board will be required to meet at least once a month outside of regular chapter meetings.  The board is also responsible for communicating all plans and decisions to the advisor.


Section 7: The NUSAACS President may not hold the Presidential position in any other Northeastern University organization.


Upcoming Events/Volunteer Opportunities!

Here is some information about upcoming events/volunteer opportunities for your reading pleasure!

  • Relay for Life is coming up THIS FRIDAY at 6pm, we need people to rally with us to help fight cancer!! Join the team here: http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?fr_id=48594&pg=team&team_id=1370919
  • Show me the Science- Reverse Science Fair for young students!

Show Me the Science is a “reverse science fair” event where adults present to youth and families. Girls from K-6th grades and their families experience hands-on science through fun and engaging demonstrations and activities designed by corporate and university partners to explore the physics of paper airplanes, viscosity of yogurt, and how you can use chocolate to determine the wavelength of light, and more. Live animals are known to make an appearance.

The Show Me the Science event is going on from 1:30-3:30 on March 30 at Northeastern University. If you and some friends want to host a table, leave a comment and we can email Rachael @ tompa/r@husky.neu.edu to get us set up!

  • The fifth annual “SET (Science, Engineering, Technology) in the City – A Day of Career Exploration for High School Girls” will take place on Saturday, April 6th, 2013 from 10:30-11:30. Approximately 150-175 high school girls will be coming to the Photonics Center that day for talks and a Science Information Bazaar before travelling to other venues for lunch and activities, and finally to Harvard for the keynote and a student panel.

 In past years, volunteers have made “elephant toothpaste” and bottle rockets with the students, brought in sea urchins, Van der Graaf generators and ultrasound machines.  Other tables have offered students the opportunities to explore cool nano materials and experiment with Snap Circuits or Mobius bands. This is a wonderful opportunity to interact with girls in high school and share your enthusiasm for what you do.
It will only take an hour of your time, but if you wish, you are invited to travel to one of the venues for lunch and/or activities (Emmanuel, Northeastern, Simmons, Harvard). Having lunch with the students gives them an opportunity to informally ask questions and learn about what you do.
This event is sponsored by the Boston Area Girls STEM Collaborative, which includes representatives from the following organizations and institutions: Ben Franklin Institute of Technology, Boston University, Emmanuel College, Girls Scouts of Eastern MA, Harvard University,  Northeastern University, Science Club for Girls, Simmons College, UMass Boston, Wentworth Institute of Technology and WGBH.

Any questions, as always, leave a comment or email acs.neu@gmail.com

See you Thursday!




What’s new for NUSAACS?

Hey guys! Its been a while, so I have a lot of updates for you!!!

Sneak preview: Earth Day, YCC Research Fair with $prizes$, Lab Tour to Alkermes!

Earth Day is coming up! There are 2 events we participate in every year: 

  • Earth Day at the Museum of Science! At the museum of science we do demos for kids, it is on Sunday April 21st from 12-4. We get free admission to the museum after, which is awesome!!
  • On campus Earth Day Activities: Friday April 25th we will be doing our annual Earth Day flower planting activity in the Library Quad! come help us help students pot some flowers for their rooms!

Next order of business, the YCC is holding a Northeast Student Chemistry Research Conference on April 21st. Abstracts are now due March 29th at 5pm

  • If you are doing research with a professor I STRONGLY recommend that you talk to your research adviser and submit an abstract. 
  • There are CASH prizes! Not only will you get an amazing experience to brag about/add to your resume, but you could also win some cash!
  • visit http://nsycc.org/career-symposium/ for more details! 
  • If you would like to be on the YCC email list, please email secretary@nesacs.org

Last order of business for now…

Alkermes is SUPER EXCITED to have us come in and tour their labs! They are looking to give us a look at a variety of aspects of the company so it will be a great learning experience! (Not to mention a good way to make connections for possible coops/careers!) 


Thanks guys, See you tomorrow night!

Upcoming Events in our Little World of Chemistry

SO many activities in chemistry coming up, check them out!!

Science by the Pint- SITN_OrganonChip_2013 Monday February 11th at 7pm @ The Burren pub in Davis Square (you do not need to be 21 to attend)

  • This is an awesome event where lab groups come in and introduce their research (this month’s being Organ-on-a-chip!) and then everyone gets to mingle with the members of the lab and ask questions to get to know the research better! 

Bully Boy Distillery Tour- This is at 21+ event

  •  Bully Boy Distilleries on February 19th, 2013 at 6:00PM !!! Please register at www.nsycc.org.  Space is limited, so sign up fast!

Call for Abstracts! The NSYCC would love for us to get involved here!

  • Dear Young Chemists,

    As Chair of the Northeast Section Younger Chemist Committee (NSYCC), I would like to invite you to participate in the 15th Annual Northeast Student Chemistry Research Conference (NSCRC) to be held at Boston University’s Department of Chemistry on Saturday April 20th, 2013.

    In celebration of our 15th conference the YCC is “Going Green” with a special focus on green chemistry & energy conservation.  We strongly encourage those students with research in those fields to participate.

    The Northeast Student Chemistry Research Conference (NSCRC) is organized for students by students. It is devoted to the research of undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral chemistry students, providing an opportunity for students to share their work in a relaxing atmosphere. The day-long event features student poster and oral research presentations, awards, and catered lunch. The conference encourages students to network and get feedback from their peers.

    Awards will be presented for;
    Outstanding Oral Presentation by a Graduate/Undergraduate Student
    Outstanding Poster Presentation by Graduate/Undergraduate Student
    Phyllis Brauner Book Award

    The deadline for abstract submission is Friday, March 8th at 5:00 pm. Registration and participation is free, but you must register. Please visit our website at www.nsycc.org for submission and registration details.

    Kind Regards,
    Heidi Teng, PhD